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Create content like a pro with the best AI content writer plugin for WordPress. Create, edit, and publish in one place, and enjoy effortless control at your fingertips.

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10x faster writing

Your Content Writing Assistant

With automated content creation at your fingertips, say goodbye to writer’s block
and hello to a universe of limitless inspiration.
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Saves Time

Leverage the best AI Content Writing Plugin to quickly generate ideas, outlines, and even full drafts.

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Enhanced Productivity

Generate content faster, easily make edits and revisions, and publish seamlessly, all within the WordPress environment.
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Personalized prompts

Creates prompts tailored to preferences, needs, and interests, helping to create more engaging content.
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GPT AI Powered

Get the most out of GPT AI and experience a truly remarkable experience with advanced language processing.

Use GPT models to generate natural language text based on the input data.

Utilize SEO-friendly meta titles, meta descriptions, FAQs and so on.

Outline the post with clear main points and the structure of the post.
Craft engaging homepage content, describing services or products & so on.
It takes only a few minutes to write a blog post with this AI-powered plugin.
Generate captivating and engaging captions for social media platforms
Rephrase sentences, improve clarity or enhance the overall content’s quality.
Improve content with the right tone, audience, keywords & detailed info.

how it works

Let The Magic Happen With Easy Step

Discover the magic behind content generation and unleash your creativity with our

simplified step-by-step instructions.


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01. Install Plugin Inside WordPress

A user-friendly installation process ensures a hassle-free experience while optimizing your content.


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02. Configure Your Personalize

Take full control of your plugin’s behavior and unleash its potential by configuring it according to your preferences.


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03. Get The Instant Result

With the plugin configured and details added, you will be able to generate content by simply clicking the “Generate” button.

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Watch the Plugin in action

Simple & Quick

Easy to Setup

Unlock a world of AI content creation features in just a few simple steps. Enter your OpenAI API key, customize your preferences, and experience the seamless transformation. It’s as easy as that.

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how it works

Fully configurable

Tailor your experience to perfection by customizing and modifying the settings to meet your specific needs. Choose the ideal AI model, fine-tune the length, and effortlessly adjust other settings.

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Seamless  Integration

Experience effortless content creation with our versatile platform, seamlessly integrated with the

industry’s leading editors – Gutenberg, Elementor & Classic. Boost your productivity and elevate your

content game with ease.

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Sleek UI

UI that’s clean and user- friendly

Experience a world of efficiency and simplicity like never before. With a Jasper-like interface, seamless control and effortless navigation optimizing your content within WordPress becomes a breeze. Save time and money while still getting the best results. Feel empowered by the ability to quickly, easily, and accurately create and manage content. Make the most of your time and resources.

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Visualize Your Words

Convert Text into Cool Visuals

Unlock the ability to capture your audience with stunning visuals that bring your words to life. Experience the power of visual storytelling with DALL·E 2. Seamlessly integrate this into your WordPress editor and effortlessly transform your text into visually captivating images. It’s a great way to make your content stand out and capture the attention of your readers.

Guidance to Fit

Personalized Prompts

Tailor the prompt and input to your precise requirements, making it easier to create the perfect piece of content.

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Fair Pricing Model

No recurring monthly fees

Forget about hidden charges. No sneaky fees, no monthly squeeze. Just pay for your own tailored OpenAI API, designed to meet your unique requirements and ambitious goals.

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Rich Selection

Multiple Outcomes

Let your creativity soar with multiple choices. No longer restricted to just one outcome, multiple outcomes are at your fingertips for better content creation. Let your creativity soar with multiple choices. Take advantage of the freedom to explore different possibilities and create unique content.

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Previous Creations

Recall Past Creations

Have a history option that can enable you to see which content you have generated before. This will make it easier to find and reuse content and reduce duplication of work. This will also help to keep track of content that has been created and ensure that the same content is not used multiple times. It will also help to keep a record of the content for future reference.


Easy pricing for everyone


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Nothing to pay

  • Includes all free features
  • Free forever
  • Limited Features
  • Unlimited sites
  • WordPress Support


$ 39.99 $ 19.99

Single-Site Solution

  • Includes all Pro features
  • 1 site installation
  • 1 Year of Support & Updates
  • 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Premium Support


$ 59.99 $ 29.99

Ideal for Managing Three Sites

  • Includes all Pro features
  • 3 sites installation
  • 1 Year of Support & Updates
  • 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Premium Support


$ 99.99 $ 49.99

Multi-Site Versatility

  • Includes all Pro features
  • 10 sites installation
  • 1 Year of Support & Updates
  • 14 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Premium Support
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14 Days Money Back Guarantee!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed under our 100% No-Risk Double Guarantee. We will happily refund 100% of your money if you dont like our product within 14 days.

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AI-Powered Content Generation
ChatGPT WordPress Integration
OpenAI API Integration
Easy customization
Gutenberg Blocks Editor Support
Elementor Editor Support
Classic Editor Support
Easy prompts (With limited features)
SEO Optimization
Change API Model Globally
Multilingual Support. 150+ Languages
Fresh & Engaging Content Generation
Jasper AI-like templates
Premium Templates
Ready-to-use high-quality prompts
Depending on needs, multi-output
Previous generated content view option
Easily navigable and super fast
Dedicated backend Into Post Editor
Unlimited Customization Option
Editable voice tune on every output
Audience options for every option
Premium support

Best AI Writing Plugin

What Makes AI Co-pilot the 

Clear Choice for AI Writing?

In comparison to some well-known AI writing platforms, why did you choose AI Co-Pilot? We’ve got
the reasons why AICO is the best for WordPress.

Affordable, easy to use, and versatile No No
Designed specifically for WordPress No No
Start quickly with pre-designed templates within WP Editor No No
Gutenberg, Elementor, & Classic Editor are all supported No No
Make your own custom content Templates No No
Create unlimited templates No No
Dedicated image generator Templates No No
Unlimited word generation No No
No monthly fees are required No No
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Not sure yet, try the free version

WP AI Co-Pilot is just what you need! And the best part is, it also comes with a free version! Use it before you’re ready to commit to PRO.


What Our Customers Say




This plugin become my go-to tool for content creation. It's like having a writing co-pilot by my side. The unlimited templates and word generation capabilities give me endless possibilities. I highly recommend it.




WP AI Co-Pilot has transformed the way I create content. With its AI capabilities, I can write with incredible speed and accuracy. The ability to customize settings and choose from multiple outcomes adds a new level of creativity to my work.




It has made content creation a breeze. I no longer have to switch between platforms or struggle with ideas. The AI-powered assistant provides valuable suggestions and saves me time.




I just unlocked a world of possibilities for me. The AI-generated visuals have taken my storytelling to the next level. It's an indispensable plugin for anyone serious about content creation.




I am now able to create more efficient and effective content in a short time. I highly recommend WP AI Co-Pilot to anyone looking to elevate their WordPress content.




Now I can generate high-quality content 10 times faster with its AI-powered assistance. And thanks for that. Plugins like this are essential. It revolutionized my writing experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a questions in your mind? We’re here to help.

The WP AI Co-Pilot Power plugin utilizes OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology to generate high-quality content for WordPress.

WP AI Co-Pilot can be an excellent choice if you’re looking to enhance your content creation process, generate fresh and engaging content on your WordPress site. By harnessing the power of OpenAI’s GPT-3, GPT-4 language model, this plugin can significantly improve your site’s user engagement, content quality, and overall productivity.

Absolutely. Tailor the generated content to your preferences by adjusting writing style, tone, temperature, and other customization options for a unique touch.
There is no way for you to do that. For this plugin to work, you need to sign up for an account at OpenAI.
The answer is yes. Classic editor and new block editor are the compatible editors for this plugin.


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