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How To Write A Blog With AI Copilot in 2024

How To Write A Blog With AI Copilot

How To Write A Blog With AI Copilot in 2024

How frequently do you write an article or blog post for your website? Well, if you are writing about some specific niche then you need to cover all the topical authority. And, to do that you need to take some help from any AI tools. Besides, writing multiple content in a single day for your site is nearly impossible if you don’t use any tool. Now, if you are thinking of accelerating your writing speed, you need an AI tool. Today we will discuss a tool named WP AI Co-Pilot. I can guarantee you that knowing how to write a blog with AI Copilot will bring amazing success. So, without delay, let’s know how can you use AI writers to write blogs. We will show a step-by-step guide on how you can write an article faster using AI blog post writing.

Okay, before we dive deep, we need to know a bit about the AI Co-Pilot. 

What is WP AI Co-Pilot?

WP AI CoPilot

WP AI Co-Pilot is a revolutionary plugin and writing tool that integrates the power of artificial intelligence directly into the WordPress platform. This tool functions as an advanced writing assistant, providing real-time suggestions, generating content ideas, and enhancing the overall writing process for bloggers and content creators. With its intuitive interface and AI-driven capabilities, WP AI Co-Pilot assists in crafting compelling and error-free content, making the writing experience more efficient and productive within the WordPress environment.

How To Write A Blog With AI Copilot Properly?

At this stage, if you are prepared to write a blog post using AI Co-pilot properly, well, we are just a few clicks away. Installing, activating, and setting up the plugin properly will help you start the blog writing. Let’s now learn the step-by-step guide on how to create a blog with the AI Copilot. 

1. Select a Topic and Generate a Title:

Let’s select the ‘Titles for Blogs’ template from the many options.  

Select a Topic and Generate a Title

Once you have installed, activated, and set up the primary job of the plugin, you are now all set to go. Now, you can go to the “ Titles for Blogs” and click it. You will find a bog with some options and play according to it. You can just follow the image.

Select a Topic and Generate a Title

Well, you will find ‘number of choices’ option and choose how many boxes of suggestions you want. You can generate as many as you want until you are satisfied.

2. Create Content Outline and Structure:

After selecting your desired topic, you must choose the ‘Blog Outlines’ box and click it. You can find some options there as you can see in the image. Filling up the article’s title and other options, just hit the Generate button and boom! You got your outlines and the structures for the content you are going to create.

Create Content Outline and Structure

3. Start Writing The Article:

After creating the outline and making the structure of your blog post, you are now ready to start crafting a whole content in a single click. Well, as you can see the image in the below, you just select the box with “Write an Article About This” and hit the click button. BOOM! You got the whole article now. 

You can choose the paragraphs and remove any if you want. You can add additional paragraphs to the already crafted article according to your needs. 

Start Writing The Article

4. Continue This Text:

Since you already have an article on your hand, you may need to add or extend some paragraphs if you want to. Well, adding and removing paragraphs will make the article more concise and blatant.

Now if you want to extend any of the paragraphs you can choose the “Continue This Text” and use it. Hopefully you will get your desired results. You can take a look at the image in the below.

Continue This Text

5. Write A Paragraph On This

Now, in lieu of extending your paragraph if you wish to add a full new paragraph, well, you have to find the box named “Write A Paragraph On This” and just click on it. You will see the amazing result. For your kind information, you can choose and bring multiple numbers of results by selecting “Number of choices”. Here’s an image for you.

Write A Paragraph On This

6. Paraphrasing and Editing

Did you read your whole article already? I think you did. Well, you must have some likes and dislikes about some parts of the content, right? Well, don’t worry, the AI Co-Pilot is here to resolve all the problems you are having now. If you see any paragraph hard or inconsistent according to your view, you can easily paraphrase or rewrite the portion you are not satisfied with. 

So, go to the “Paraphrase” box and input the information, and then hit the generate button. 

Paraphrasing and Editing

7. Create a FAQs Section:

Ok, you have already created your content but to get the best output from here, you can use the FAQ section. Choosing the “FAQs” box, a single click can produce multiple questions and answers related to your topic. It is a matter of seconds. The visitors will be highly benefitted from the FAQ section. In fact, they can get the answers in a short time from this part.

Create a FAQs Section

8. Conclusion:

You are almost finished. However when you clicked on “Start Writing the Article”, you got the full article with a conclusion. So, you may be thinking why you should input the Conclusion again, right? Well, you can modify and prepare the conclusion according to your requirements. This is the purpose and nothing else. Anyways, every writer prefers a different strategy to wrap up the article. 


So, there you are. You have a complete and polished article for your website. Now we will discuss some important questions and answers about and related to our topic. 

Is AI writing Good for SEO?

Is AI content good for SEO? Can I use AI as a content writer to optimize SEO? There are a lot of questions that wander in our heads when we make up our minds to use an AI tool.

Well, AI writing can boost SEO by generating ideas, optimizing keywords, and ensuring relevant content creation. In addition, it helps maintain keyword relevance while keeping content readable and error-free. AI also organizes content logically, improving indexing by search engines. Remember, AI complements human creativity and understanding, so combining both ensures valuable, reader-friendly content that aligns with your brand and audience preferences. Besides, always check that AI-generated content meets ethical standards.

However, some AI writing tools claim that they can optimize the content which is good for SEO. But truly it would be very tough to optimize in every aspect only by the AI tools. So, we suggest, that you must not fully depend on the tool rather you help yourself by collaborating with it.

Is There A Free AI Writer?

Yes, there are many free AI content writer tools online. You can simply try AI CO-Pilot, Grammarly Business, Notion, Simplified, Writesonic, Jasper, Anyword, Rytr,, and so on. The good thing is that all of the mentioned tools have Pro-Version to be upgraded. You can try any of them.

Can Google Detect AI Written Blogs?

One of the most frequent questions and a matter of great concern when using AI writing tools is – Can Google detect AI blogs? Will Google rank my article if I use AI writers?

As of now, Google can’t specifically detect AI-written blogs. It focuses on content quality and relevance, not the tool used. What matters most is delivering valuable, well-written content that engages readers and aligns with SEO best practices.

How to Write a Blog Post Fast with AI?

When it is about AI writing tools, there are some relevant questions come to our minds like- how to write a blog post properly using ai, how to write a blog post with ai, how to write a blog post fast with ai, blog writing ai for blog writers, how to write an article using ai blog post writer, and so on. So, let’s know the real and practical short answer.

Long story short, writing a blog post swiftly with AI involves harnessing its speed and guidance. Start by outlining your key points, then let the AI assist in generating content and refining your draft. Utilize its suggestions to streamline the writing process, ensuring your thoughts flow seamlessly. Finally, leverage AI for quick edits, allowing you to focus on shaping your unique voice and perspective within the content.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1: How does AI Copilot assist in blog writing?

A 1: AI Copilot aids in generating content ideas, refining writing style, and ensuring grammatical accuracy, streamlining the blog writing process.

A 2: Yes, AI Copilot provides insights into trending topics, keywords, and relevant information to help craft timely and engaging blog posts.

Q 3: What features does AI Copilot offer for structuring blog content?

A 3: AI Copilot assists in outlining blog posts, suggesting headings, and organizing content cohesively to enhance readability and SEO.

Q 4: How does AI Copilot optimize blogs for search engines?

A 4: AI Copilot offers SEO assistance by suggesting keywords, meta descriptions, and other elements crucial for better search engine visibility.

Q 5: Can AI Copilot edit and refine blog content?

A 5: Yes, AI Copilot helps in editing by identifying errors, enhancing readability, and providing suggestions to refine the blog post before publishing.

Q 6: Is AI Copilot a substitute for human creativity in blog writing?

A 6: AI Copilot complements human creativity by offering suggestions and assistance, but the human touch remains crucial for originality and perspective.

Q 7: How can AI Copilot expedite the blog writing process?

A 7: AI Copilot speeds up the writing process by providing real-time suggestions, aiding in content generation, and assisting in quick edits, allowing for efficient blog creation.

Wrapping Up

In wrapping up this journey on How to write a blog with AI copilot, remember: this tool is your writing co-pilot, not the sole captain! Embrace its guidance to streamline your process, but always infuse your unique voice and insights into every post. With AI Copilot’s assistance, writing blogs becomes an enjoyable, efficient endeavor, shaping your content into engaging pieces that captivate your audience. Trust in this partnership, let your creativity soar, and watch your blogs shine!

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